7 tips for saving water in the camper

7 Tipps zum Wassersparen im Camper

When you are on the road with your campervan, you are faced with various challenges that are totally self-evident for us in privileged Germany.
Among other things, the topic of water and especially water conservation.

In your campervan you may have running water, but your water tank is limited and you certainly don't want to go to a new water source every day to fill up your water tank.
So you are confronted with the topic of water saving right at the beginning.

So how do you save water in the camper? Where do you fill it up again? Where and how often do you take a shower?
We have dealt intensively with all these questions. In this post, you'll get 7 tips for saving water in your camper. Let's go!

Tip 1

Do not wash each piece of crockery separately. It makes more sense to collect everything once (usually until no spoon or plate is clean) and then wash everything together.

In our experience, but of course depending on your camping equipment and cooking habits, that's about every 1-2 days.

A plate on which you have eaten only one roll, you can also briefly clean out with a damp cloth and then use again.
The birds are happy about the crumbs.

Tip 2

Whether your campervan has a shower or not. Daily showering is really not a must and even not so good for the skin.

Depending on the season you are traveling, you are probably also often in the sea and there are very often beach showers, if you like the salt on skin and hair less.
Once briefly under it and you feel clean again.

On days when it is a bit cooler or in winter, we go 1-2 times a week for a real shower.
On other days, a little cat wash with a washcloth and organic soap is enough for us. You can also heat the water briefly if needed.

Don't have a shower in your van? Then we recommend you to ask at campsites. Often you can jump under there for a little money.

Tip 3 

In Germany, we are often used to leaving the tap running. In the camper with a limited supply, we recommend that you always turn off the tap when you don't need water, e.g. when you are washing your hands and soaping them.

Should almost go without saying, but is often forgotten. Especially remind the kids every now and then.

Tip 4

To find water sources, we recommend the app ''park4night''. If you take out a subscription (€9.99 per year), you can search for "water sources" in the filter and you will definitely find what you are looking for in Europe.

Local springs are especially great. The water is not chlorinated and therefore drinkable.

If you don't want to use ''park4night'', we recommend that you simply enter "water sources nearby" in Google Maps. There you will surely find what you are looking for.

Tip 5

You have probably often heard that you should drink less water from the tap in foreign countries. The water is not as clean as in Germany and is often chlorinated so that it lasts longer.

Often it is written at the gas stations or water stations that the water is drinkable. We do not recommend this water! It tastes strongly of chlorine and you never know how long it has been stored there.
When abroad, it is better to buy water in the supermarket. You can often buy it there in large canisters and for a few cents.

Tip 6

If you do not have a fixed sink with faucet and tank, maybe even a micro camper, then we recommend the mobile sink.

It is in the practical Eurobox format, so perfect for storage, has a 5l fresh water and 5l waste water canister.
The hand pump means you don't even need electricity. So perfect to wash your dishes or treat yourself to a cat wash.

Tip 7

Please respect the environment and the ecosystem around you. Especially if you are often outdoors, do not simply dump your wastewater into nature.
Especially lakes have a sensitive ecosystem and the surface tension will be changed if you dispose your wastewater including detergent there. It doesn't matter whether you use conventional or eco-detergent.

By doing so, you disturb a sensitive system and destroy the habitat of other important creatures.
Shower and dishwashing detergents that are biodegradable are recommended. The market for these products is growing more and more and has exploded in recent years, especially for shampoo and shower gel. If you water a tree with it, it's not a big problem for the surrounding nature.

We hope that our 7 tips about saving water in the campervan will help you and wish you a good trip on your next road trip.
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Your BOXIO Team

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